As a photographer I have always felt like I'm supposed to say photography is my favorite hobby even on my personal time but.... it's not true!!! It's a very close second, but I have to say thrifting is my favorite hobby. 

When I first started my business we were a stereotypical super young and kinda broke family haha. I also started photography when props were still all the rage, especially for kids sessions. So I loved finding things that were antiques (velvet couches/chairs, small wooden ladders, vintage cameras, etc.) that worked great for the type of photography I was doing at that time! Most of the time I even bought my photo gear pre-loved by awesome photographers. 

Years later, when we traveled I would spend my kid-free time (and some of the not-kid-free time) at local thrift stores looking for unique things we could put into our future home! 

I think it's just such a thrill to walk into a store that has the most random objects in the universe and find exactly what you're looking for!!! In our world of constant changes, I truly think it helps you develop your own sense of personal style because you pick up what you're drawn to... From the most random of decades to now vs. what's being marketing as "in style" right now. 

My favorite thrift store finds are handmade pottery pieces and mugs, vintage photos, books and knickknacks, wicker baskets, wooden decor and MCM furniture! 

I'm super excited to post about the things we are hoping find thrifting and the items we have already thrifted after we move!!! But for now it's being packed into a boxes... which is the story of our life haha!