This. Is. Hard.

Doing this in tandem with planning a trip and upcoming move has proven difficult. Most days we are in the house, I'm packing and then later cleaning up two messes that happened during my completion of one task. Soon we will be on the road to North Carolina for the weekend and then we will make the ever familiar drive from NC to Iowa with a haul of things for our house. I'm really hoping to document this time well though!

Anyways, here's week two...

365 Week Two


Today was the fourth. There were past-bedtime-meltdowns at the fireworks so no great shots there, but we all had fun playing water balloons before!


A packing day. I get stuff out to sort, and B gets things out to play... It's an exhausting cycle, but that's okay.


No big camera photos today-- still packing, but B also wanted these rocket ship toys in her hair lol.


Taken sometime around 11:54pm. T spends his nights like an old man, watching Gilligan's Island or listening to a podcast, his favorite is The Ghostrunners podcast which isn't about ghosts or running, but very funny!


Taken a few minutes later, but sometime after midnight... Hamilton doesn't have to do the cone of shame any more and had his first day at day care! We tried to get as much as we could done with him gone, but also kept stopping to watch him on the cameras!!


Yesterday's showers brought lots of fun in the mud... and a good bath!


Today was Kyle's birthday!!! We let him have him some rest for a slow morning, while B and I checked off some more items on our packing for a move/packing for a road-trip lunch. She discovered some treasures at our haul unit!

See you next week :)