Rejoining a Community

Before there was Courtney Abernathy Photography, there was Courtney Abernathy, the momtographer. When I first began I spent so much time on Clickin Moms (now renamed The Click Community) in hopes to expand and refine my skills. It was and still is a treasure trove of knowledge for photography, especially with capturing personal life. I recently rejoined the community and have started working on a 365 project! I'm also using their Summer Photo hunt list as some fun inspiration!

It's always been hard for me to balance my style professionally vs personally.

My house never looks like the light and airy wedding venues I would often shoot at. My studio photo set ups were much neater than our house too haha. Professionally, I worked hard to find a reliable and consistent style for my clients, but with my personal work I find that I tend to bounce between extremes of a dark and moody photo or light and airy one pending the overall mood of the day.

I think this 365 project is the perfect place for expressing that while I force myself to pick up a camera daily and push to be more creative with our everyday life!! My goal is to use my "big camera" as much as possible, but also get creative with my phone too!!! Here's the start!

365 Week One


We spent as much time being lazy in bed as we could today. No real view in our apartment so we started with some snaps from bed lit by the tv. Used a slow shutter to match our slow-moving bodies. I think the project can only go up from here... 😂


Our lazy day yesterday was contagious into a slow morning, and that was perfectly fine :)


Over half of B's life has been lived out of shipping totes and fry boxes! She has the moody feels as we pack up her toys again and prep for another move. BUT we are excited that this time it's just right down the road and into a house not a hotel lol!!


Late night packing with our pup, Hamilton. He's still healing from the big snip!


Not a polished picture (maybe a bit scary lol) but this series is about reality! I only picked up the camera to show B the magic of a slow shutter + flash light. Would love to do a cool slow shutter shot on the Fourth!


Off our apartment patio there are tons and tons of tiny baby frogs! Blakely loves to find them!


We spent all day cleaning and packing so this photo is literally a screen shot from an iPhone video of B spinning around with her stuffed lamb she named Toto. She pretends she is Dorothy with him in the twister haha! Excited to be past the moving phase and into our new space!!

PS- If you're curious about the Click Community here is my referral link to check it out!