So I heard a rumor...

Someone here in the Des Moines area is just very over taking 'meh' photos with their awesome and expensive camera equipment that they paid for. They watch as everyone else around them is taking cleaner and brighter images with equipment that is the same, or maybe even not as good as what they have and they just don't understand what they are doing wrong..

They also may or may not be upset that even though they have a newer iPhone than their friend, somehow the friend can consistently make her iPhone photos look great, EVEN INSIDE!!!!

Now real talk. Does that rumor sound like you?

If so, then you're in good company, friend. I have been there! When I got my very first *big* camera in 2011 my photos annoyed me to NO end.

I'm not a fan of comparison in any area of my life, but when it came to my photo results I couldn't help it. I just didn't understand how or why mine weren't looking like other people I knew with even the same camera.

I thought I was on the right track. I bought the expensive camera and lenses, I had the same editing app as they did, but it just wasn't clicking.. Then one day I started experimenting, and began to implement these tips that helped my work (on my big camera, AND even on my iPhone) tremendously!

In this video I'm sharing several tips, shooting my crazy kid around our apartment in front of you, AND showing you the final images.. but don't forget to scroll down and grab this little graphic I made highlighting the main tips for taking better photos indoors so you remember them every time!