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Do you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera that you bought to capture the world around you with? Are you struggling with the settings, unsure of how to photograph what you're actually seeing? Ready to choose your own settings instead of letting the camera decided for you? Tired of letting the camera or lenses you invested in set on a shelf and collect dust? Constantly buying something new for photography, but always getting the same results?

I get it. I've been there too!

Here's a photo of my son when I got my first "big, expensive, and fancy" camera.

He's totally cute, but WHEW. I was 100% just recreating what I knew from watching those those "professional photographers" at the big chain stores.

Remember going to Sears for photos??? (Or was that just a southern thing?) Anyways, there would have a neutral background to be photographed in front of.... I had a dark brown blanket + chair to mimic this. They would also have flashes going off everywhere... My fancy camera agreed with that too and forced the dinky little flash on top of my camera to pop up when I least expected. And I just went along with it because the camera knows best right?

But when I listened to the camera my photos, taken inside or outside, NEVER look like what I had envisioned.

They say you look a photo and remember how you felt in that moment. Wanna guess how I felt? Frustrated. I simply didn't have an understanding of how to balance the creative fun and technical side of photography. I wanted to take photos that captured his spirit of just being a kid that also looked great, but I didn't know the ingredients to make that work!

Fast Forward..

During our travels I decided to leave my "big, expensive, and fancy" camera and lenses at home in favor of a smaller, cheaper and more travel friendly option. Don't get me wrong it was still an investment, but it didn't have nearly the same amount of "power" or price tag that my professional gear had.

And I don't regret that one bit!! It still provided me with some seriously beautiful images and some of my most cherished memories. Like my daughter hiding under the covers trying to sleep in (for only once in her life) in the photo above. Even my iPhone served me well for getting lots of creative photos!

But if you tried to put the same camera in the hands of my husband it would become a bit useless for anything other than taking a quick iPhone-like snap. WHY? Because he doesn't have the creative knowledge or technical understanding for photography that I do!

So what are the ingredients needed for better photos?

First, let me tell what they are not. The ingredients are not to simply go out and buy a more expensive camera. For your personal goals, they may not even be buying a more expensive lens. There are people who take better photos on older cameras and iPhones than others that are using thousands of dollars worth of camera gear. (For example me with an iPhone vs. my husband with my professional camera haha!)

Frankly, the main ingredients to achieving your photo goals are a solid understanding of the creative "rules" of photography and a technical understanding of what gear or settings to choose for the subject you are trying to capture. Other ingredients include learning when to break rules in a creative way and best practices for editing.

My desire for this workshop..

I truly don't want anyone to feel like adding a new camera to their amazon cart is the only thing that will push them towards the results they want, I don't want them to feel like *all* the magic just happens during editing, and I certainly don't want anyone to let a camera they already own sit collecting dust while memories pass them by! That is why I created this workshop in 2013, and that is why I am passionate about continuing it 10 years later. I want to help others understand their camera and develop new skills. I want you to be able to ask questions about how to achieve the specific results you want and us to work together to achieve that! But maybe you're reading and asking yourself..

"Is this workshop right for me?"

Well... If anything you read here resonated with you today, then this is for you. If you have a camera on a shelf that you want to finally learn how to use, then dust it off because it's for you. If you find yourself looking to a new gear purchase for the answer to all your photography problems, then *pause* the shopping for a moment because this workshop is for you. If you wonder if the missing piece for your work is editing alone, then this is for you. If you're just starting off with photography and have dreams to own your own photo business one day, then this is likely for you too.

"Okay. I'm ready to learn! Don't leave me out!"

I'm just so excited for you to take the next steps in your photography journey. If you want more information or are interested in securing your spot at the next workshop simply fill out the form below and I'll be in contact with you asap!


What can I expect at the workshop?

My signature "Create + Understand" workshop (beginner level) is exclusively offered in person and in a group setting for up to 8 people.

Prior to the workshop you will receive a questionnaire so I can learn all about you, what gear you have, and what your personal or professional goals are.

At the workshop, I will help you get more familiar with your camera, and teach you the technical and artistic basics of photography. Then we will step outside to photograph a model and various objects using the skills we just talked about.

After the class you will be added to a Facebook group where you can continue developing your photography and editing skills, and growing with workshop friends!

Want to combine a workshop and get together with your friends?! Reach out to me! Minimum commitment of 4 people needed.

Is this class only for moms?

Absolutely not!

I find that I tend to give personal examples from my own experience as a mom, however I have had many different ages join in, from high school to retirement age!

There is a "Get to Know You" form prior to the class that allows me to better understand your goals and lifestyle. I use this to plan the best course of action for you!

Do I need a camera to attend?


I have a limited amount of gear that attendees are welcome to borrow during the workshop. Just mention that you don't have a camera when reaching out so I can make sure I have enough for all attendees at that specific workshop.

Do you offer private 1-on-1 mentoring?

I do!

From beginner level and up! One-on-One mentoring is completely customizable to your needs and goals. Please reach out to see how I can serve you!

Do you have other resources?

Yes! Keep scrolling for access to freebies and blogs. You can also follow @iowaphotographyworkshop for more!

Can you teach photography at my church, work, co-op, school, etc. event?

Yes! I would love to customize a photography education experience for your specific group. Contact me with more details and let's chat!

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