My Second Month of Second Chances

What an incredible month November was!

On October 23rd, I photographed my first 7 sessions since relocating back to Iowa. After that I truly wasn't sure what the rest of 2022 would hold. I've never expressed this in words, but most of the hesitation I had with even considering re-opening my own business in Iowa was severe doubt.

I was very fourtunate when I started my business in North Carolina. My husband and I had both lived there all our lives, and our families were all close by. We had so many connections. I always knew exactly where I could go to take photos or who I could call if I needed a model I could rely on. It wasn't easy, but in my head it did feel easier than putting myself in the position to be the "new" photographer on the block here in Iowa.

I went back and forth on if this could even work as I was changing my address on my business page, and opening this website. After we moved to Iowa (the first time in 2018) I had such a clear call from God to step away from my business so that we could focus on pursuing the big goals laid on my husband's heart.

In the end, I'm glad I was obedient in stepping away for a few years.. Once he accepted the 24 month travel job in late 2019 we were off! When 2020 hit I didn't have to deal with the pandemic from a business logistics sense, just a personal living-in-a-hotel-full-time one lol! Though we were often all over the place literally and emotionally it was such a special season that brought us so much growth and opportunities. When we moved back here in 2021 we were blessed to be able to focus more on getting back to normal, which is still so humbling and healing.

Family photo from our travel season. (2020)

November and Moving Forward...

But the longer we stayed here... and the more settled we got... the louder the call for me to be brave and start over became. Which brings me to a recap of November.... aka my first full month of having my business here in Iowa.

SEVEN MORE SESSIONS took place in November!!! With friends, with new faces, indoors, and out. Some sessions took place with temps in the single digits and I don't think you can even tell ha! I photographed several clients from out of state, and even some former Chick-fil-A travelers living in Iowa now like ourselves! Check out some photos from my November Sessions below :)

I'm so grateful that November was such a beautiful month, and I'm so blessed to have met so many wonderful clients this Fall. Moving into 2023 I'm excited to focus on helping others with their own photography goals, taking some photos in the snow, celebrating my first spring sessions in Iowa, and working with some seniors during the much anticipated prom + graduation season! ☺️

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xo, Courtney Abernathy