High School + College Seniors

Hey Class of 2023!!!

Back in 2010, I experienced a high school senior year that was a bit different than most.

I was pregnant with my oldest son and a little pre-occupied to really soak up the typical season of life haha!! After graduating and having my son in 2010, marrying my husband in 2011, and starting my business 2012, I developed such a big passion for working with seniors like you!

I genuinely know firsthand that this season of life can be filled with so many ups and downs, but this milestone is BIG and I want to capture it for you in a joyful way! I use my Senior Questionnaire to get to know you better, so that we can incorporate all the people, places and things you love AND have a fun time during our session! If you want to chat more just click the button below to get it touch with me!