First, thank you to my assistant!

Last month I had my first FULL day of sessions here in Iowa! It was full circle to have my own little helper with me too! T was the very reason I picked up a camera to begin with wayyyy back in 2010!! He did so great helping me with all the little kids, holding my bag, and keeping track of the reflector on such a windy day!!

Each session was so FUN! We had wind, rain, families, pups, kids, couples, amazing stories, and laughs. I got to randomly meet the people who lived nearly right beside us, the chance to photograph another local photographer, and more. I loved wearing my new The Rising Tide Society/ HoneyBook shirt and getting to briefly meet some photographers out doing sessions too. They were kind enough to warn me about a large patch of dog poop I would've walked right through lol!

I really didn't know what to expect..

I had 7 sessions booked and ready for the day... Along with plans, notes, albums in my phone with ideas for each family dynamic. Cleaned Lenses. Sweaty palms. My Cameras. Anxiety... Fear 🤪

Leading up to it was scary. I had every anxious dream about the sessions: somehow showing up with no clothes and having to retreat to the mini van for cover, pressing the shutter button but it not making that satisfying clicking noise, clients who hated me on sight lol, corrupted cards, etc.

The last professional job I shot was in 2019, and it was a wedding! While I've taken plenty of photos of my own family and friends during our time on the road, I was so concerned with actually being able to make people who were total strangers to me comfortable for their session again. To me, that is what sets a photographer apart and it's what set my business up well in North Carolina! 

But looking through these images and reading some of the reviews and emails afterwards.. Man am I glad I didn't let fear get in the way!

Des Moines, IA you have given my business SUCH a warm welcome since relocating here!! I went back and forth on taking the chance to re-open during the Fall season, but I've been delighted to be able to meet so many of you who needed a last minute session or who are also transplants to the area and looking for a photographer!

What's to come is so unknown. I have fun plans for the rest of the year as I finish out November Session and do Christmas Minis at Rose Farm. I'm also working behind the scenes to hopefully host a beginners photography workshop in Winter 2023, but beyond that? Well.. you'll just have to wait and see :)

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