Another Summer... Another Move.

It's been a bit since updating the blog here, and for good reason.... WE MOVED!

In terms of addresses we moved about a mile down the road. However, we went back to North Carolina from Iowa to get the many, many things we had stored in my parent's basement during our travel years... so it really felt like another cross country move.

Forever Road Tripping

We packed up most of the apartment before our trip and started our adventure. It's quite the drive to make all at once, but we always reassure ourselves in that last hour of 15-ish that we've done longer haha. We got to drive through St. Louis and Nashville which was neat even though our main stops were reserved for Cookout and Buc-ees!!

Since we had a full u-haul truck this also makes the 4th or 5th time we've done the whole Iowa/North Carolina move since May 2018. All I can say is, we really like it here!

One Last Hotel Stay..

Okay obviously not the last ever. Just for this particular trip. But stopping at a Residence Inn and knowing that it (or another Marriott) was our home for nearly two years did feel wild. I constantly caught myself looking around the room and at the storage and kitchen situation. I was evaluating it like I needed to plan to unpack 6+ incoming totes, figure out how many times I would need to grocery shop per week for the fridge size, plan what the kids and I would do inside the room if a new pandemic started, and overall just set up a temporary home. Even though it was just our stop for the night it's still such a default line of thinking for me in many areas of life.

I'm thankful for the mental flexibility I still carry with me, but also overwhelmed with joy to be in a much different season.

New Beginnings. Familiar Places.

There is no way to possibly describe this move. In 2018, we sold our home to start this adventure and moved to Iowa on a whim. We spent about a year here then headed out in August 2019 for two years of full time travel. We did not anticipate the majority of that time would be during the height of a pandemic and in small/shared spaces. At that point it was raw, real, and hard. It's a time I can look back on fondly when remembering all the people we met (mostly online lol) and the places we saw, but also very thankful for where we are now.

We signed a one year lease for our apartment in 2021 unsure of what the future held. Our goals constantly require an attitude of adaptability I didn't know I could possess, but we also love love love the area we live.

We began to look for a place with more space, especially for when our family visits, and this house accidentally fell into our laps. It's been just perfect so far. I'm not sure what the future has in store for us, but I'm so thankful to be here!

Here are some small snaps from our first week here :)