Snowy Reflections

Snow started falling while I was still up culling my latest sessions. Watching it fall while working on recent cold-weather photos made me think of another cold weather session I did back in North Carolina several years ago.

This sweet little maternity session took place after an "epic" snowfall.. at least epic by southerners standards. It was so cold and SO FUN. I had only ever photographed my kids in the snow before this so working with Katelyn and Jacob was such a treat!

Our Snow Day

I let my oldest stay up and watch the snow start. Then I bravely woke my youngest up to show her just after midnight. I promised we'd go outside if she went back to sleep and she did! They had lots of fun outside today! The kids enjoyed hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows and a movie while I piled up wet clothes and chugged another cup of coffee in record time :)


It was a nice, laid back day. It made me thankful for so much that 2022 has brought our family. I'm so excited for what's to come and eager for future snowy day photos of clients and my family for years to come... Of course, always ending with mugs filled with hot cocoa and coffee! Cheers! :)